EUROPE’S SWING | ivars, 2006


 Sexto Taller Internacional “Objective1=Art=Objective1“ AUSTRIA

“Diversity and Rivalry – diagonal shapes between multiculturalism and fanaticism”


El proyecto Europe’ swing consiste en un círculo compuesto por 27 columpios colgados del techo de la sala. Cada columpio está compuesto de un asiento (realizado en un espejo de 400x150x5 mm.) sujetos al techo por largas cadenas de acero Cada asiento queda a una altura de unos 800 mm. Del suelo. El nombre de cada país, escrito en los caracteres correspondientes y de manera inversa, se encuentra en la parte inferior de cada asiento.

Sobre el suelo del espacio, debajo de los columpios hay una gran circunferencia de espejos rotos en los que se refleja de manera correcta pero fragmentada el nombre de cada país.

La altura total de la pieza de columpios es de unos 4 metros y su anchura unos 3.5 metros y la superficie de espejos rotos  de unos 4 metros de diámetro. La iluminación consiste en varios focos dirigidos a la superficie de espejos rotos.


Europe’s swing, 2006

“Objective1=Art=Objective1“ 6th international Workshop 2006

The project EUROPE’S SWING is a circle composed of 25 swings hanging from the ceiling. Each swing is a seat (made with a thin rectangle mirror –400x150x5 mm) hanging from two steel chains. Each seat hangs 800 mm above the floor. (Look at the images below). In addition, the name of each country of the European Union is written on the bottom part of the mirror in an inverse mode.

On the floor, below the swings  there is a big square made of broken mirrors. This causes the names of each country to be seen.

The height of the sculpture will depend on the space available at the exhibition place. The width of the hanging circle is about 3 metres diameter and the surface of the broken mirrors on the floor is 4 square metres.

This sculpture will need some specific lighting: 4 spartlights (500 W each one)

 OBJECTIVE ONE=ART=ONE OBJECTIVE workshop, will focus on the topic proposed for this year, “Diversity and Rivalry – diagonal shapes between multiculturalism and fanaticism”. This topic has been the starting point to create the project entitled EUROPE’S SWING. The aim of this project searches out some of the difficulties concerning the construction of Europe and will try to propose some reflections to the challenges Europe has to face.

In 2001 Christa Prets – Member of the European Parliament – initiated the art project “Objective1=Art=Objective1” in Burgenland in the Cselley Mill in Oslip. Her idea was to create an international “eu-art-network”. Due to the great success of the project, the workshop deals this year with the subject:

“Diversity and Rivalry –

diagonal shapes between multiculturalism and fanaticism”

inviting Artists from the EU25 and Bulgaria and Rumania.

The topic of the workshop 2006 is:

The European Community consists of 25 member states. But will it continue to last? Within the community there are constant controversial points of view and interests. Besides, the increasing globalisation creates new conflicts within and outside the community. Poverty surrounds Europe, poverty grows within Europe. Religious and ethnic tensions erupt in violence and aggression. Nationalism and populism put basic human values like freedom, tolerance and peace carelessly at risk. Does Europe need a new revolution? What new perspectives do the arts offer in this process? Do they degenerate visibly to decorative trimmings for appeasement? Therefore the works of art in the fields of graphic art and composition should deal with the above problems.

The piece of art which will be made by the artists during the workshop remains in the property of the eu-art-network. We reserve the right to use the pieces of music, which will be composed during the workshop. (Additional information for the composers comes on an extra sheet.)

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